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  • Chiappini Rudy - Botero Paintings 1959-2015

Chiappini Rudy - Botero Paintings 1959-2015

A new monograph dedicated to the great Latin American artist, gathering all his paintings made in the last thirty years.

Κωδικός: T340634000
ISBN: 9788857227597

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Botero has gained international fame, capturing the whimsy of life by painting corpulent and sometimes comical figures. The dilation of his subjects gives the figures an abstract, unreal, and even grotesque dimension. Studies in beauty and terror, Botero’s monumental figures can be sensual, and many are filled with pain and sorrow. This monograph presents the paintings realized in the last thirty years and created using his own unique language, which is a distinguishing feature of his work and an extraordinary blend of Latin American tradition and European painting.