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  • Alce Pack-4 Practice Tests (Student's Book+Companion)

Alce Pack-4 Practice Tests (Student's Book+Companion)

Φροντιστηριακό βιβλίο για το μάθημα των αγγλικών

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Κωδικός: T440114024
ISBN: 9604130374
Kατόπιν παραγγελίας

Student's Book:
  • 4 Complete Practice Tests
  • Model Compositions, Writing tips and Points to be included for the writing tasks
  • The Tests have been written following the exact specifications of the 2005 revised exam
  • Useful vocabulary and activities for the Speaking section
  • All the unknown words for the 4 Complete Practice Tests that are included in the Student's book:
  • Definitions in carefully chosen language appropriate for level C1 of the CEF
  • Example sentences showing how each word is used in context
  • Accurate Greek translations for all the words