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  • Adventures With English - Test Booklet 2

Adventures With English - Test Booklet 2

This booklet contains ten tests - TESTS 1 - 9 and one FINAL TEST.

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Κωδικός: T440162011
ISBN: 9605441357
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To the teacher:

This booklet contains ten tests - TESTS 1 - 9 and one FINAL TEST. They are based on the most important grammatica structures and lexical items found in each unit of ADVENTURES with English Coursebook2. Each of tests 1-9 consist: of two pages, one devoted to grammar and the other to vocabulary. The tasks conform to well-established types: Fill-in transformation, error correction, synonym & antonym definition and M C Q. The Final Test draws on the same range ot tasks but includes three pages, two testing grammar and the third vocabulary.

Each test is designed to be done in class upon completion of each Coursebook unit. The tests are in two parts and can. at the teacher's discretion, be given either in separate teaching hours, or together. A time limit of 40 minutes. 20 minutes for each part, is suggested. In preparation for the test, students are advised to work through the revision exercises founo in the Preparatory Tests at the end of each Workbook unit.

Tests 1-9:
  • present simple/progressive - articles
  • (un)countable nouns - possessive case - some , any , (how) many/much , a lot of , a few , a little
  • past simple - question words
  • past progressive - prepositions of time
  • present perfect simple - degrees of adjectives 
  • adverbs - future simple - be going to
  • modal auxiliary verbs - conditionals (1st & 2nd type)
  • passive voice (affirmative - negative - modal verbs) - prepositions of place/movement
  • present perfect progressive - question tags

Final Test:

  • general revision on the most important grammatical structures & vocabulary